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Friday, October 26, 2007

Treatment of an impotence, means for impotence treatment.

Now effective treatment of any form of an impotence is spent. Despite a variety of the reasons of an impotence, exists three basic methods of treatment of an impotence - inektsionnaja therapy, use vakuumkonstriktivnyh devices, prosthetics of a sexual member.

Vakuumkonstriktivnye devices

Vakuumkonstriktivnye devices consist of the cylinder, in which the patient places the sexual member, densely pressing the device to lobku. In the device there is a pomp creating local negative pressure, and konstriktivnoe a ring. Local pressure leads to blood inflow in kavernoznye penis bodies, it bulks up, and arisen erektsija is kept by perezhatija a sexual member konstriktivnym by a ring. This method is effective at partial infringements when possibility of swelling of a penis is saved, or erektsii arise, but not the proof. Bolshy the effect is reached at complex treatment.

Patients are easily trained in correct use vakuumkonstriktivnyh devices. Vacuum-konstriktivnogo of the device the doctor should define frequency and intensity of use. Not dosed out application, especially on purpose to increase the sizes of a sexual member, can lead to frustration of blood circulation and deterioration of sexual function.


Prosthetics of a sexual member consists in giving to a penis of the rigidity necessary for sexual intercourse for what an artificial limb place inside kavernoznyh bodies, outwardly it is imperceptible. Do not confuse prosthetics with shinirovaniem a sexual member by means of external devices. Now this method does not practise.

There are some kinds falloprotezov. The most simple are the plastic artificial limbs consisting of the soft cylinder with a metal basis, providing «memory of the form». That in a quiet status the penis remains rigid to the touch concerns lacks of this artificial limb and can be allocated at carrying of fitting clothes.

Hydraulic artificial limbs are more perfect. They soft in the weakened status, and if necessary result a sexual member in a status erektsii. It is Enough to press some time a pomp which is located in the field of a head of a sexual member or in moshonke. In the weakened status a penis result by simple bending.

Falloprotezy result not only to erektsii a sexual member, but also in its increase in diameter. At the patient all sensations and ability to semjaizverzheniju are saved. Time erektsii completely depends on the man.

As a rule, it is impossible to notice any external changes of a penis and to reveal features of carrying out of sexual intercourse. By a high-grade life are returned hundred thousand the men using this method.
Operation on implantation falloproteza is simple, is spent from a small cut which becomes already imperceptible in a month after surgical intervention. Age restrictions for its carrying out are not present. Use of artificial limbs of last generation allows to solve practically for hundred percent an impotence problem.

Impotence izlechima

Irrespective of character of an impotence - physical or mental - for the man it always tragedy which brings to it sufferings. The impotence can leave traces on behaviour of the man. As a body and reason inseparably linked, the physical impotence calls mental stress, and on the contrary.

At some men at an impotence erektsija happens, but it is very short, arises, but for a short while. The difference can seem insignificant, but from the psychological point of view has basic value. The man considering with the impotent man, is in a nervous tension and trouble status. If he looks at this problem in another way and will decide, that it is simply difficult to it to keep erektsiju, to it mental balance can return.
The important factor is the age. In 40 years of the reason of an impotence on 80 % mental, and only 20 % - physical. By 80 years the picture varies: 80 % of a physical impotence and only 20 % - the mental reasons. All men should know, that irrespective of the reasons the impotence can be cured in 95 % of cases.
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