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Viagra (Sildenafil)
Uses of Viagra
Viagra is used to treat impotence in men. It increases the body's ability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation.
How Taken
Viagra should be taken as needed about 1 hour before sexual activity. However, Viagra can be taken anytime from 4 hours to 30 minutes before sexual activity.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Potentiality improvement

5 way
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Tea and coffee concern the drinks supporting and raising an organism as a whole and by that operating well on sexual life. Potentiality improvement. Much are helped very much by a cup of coffee or strong tea. Good effect, especially for people nervous, one-two wine-glasses of alcohol give. Potentiality improvement. Still Terencyi noticed, that «without Baxus Venus feels chilly». All these products, in the same way as spices, call a rush of blood to genitals. Potentiality improvement. Alcohol, besides, suppresses suspiciousness at nervous people, removes stress of vegetative nervous system, than creates good mood. However it is not necessary to forget, that alcohol is a two-edged weapon if not to know a measure. Potentiality improvement.
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Monday, November 5, 2007

Sexual intercourse prolongation

Ways of prolongation of sexual intercourse.

1 way

To grease a sexual member with mint juice. Mint juice contains a number the calming substances-menthol, beta-pinena, cineol. They are gradually absorbed in a thin skin of a member thanks to what nervous cages not so quickly react to stimulation. The man supervises itself is better, accordingly, can longer hold on.
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

potentiality Increase

3 way

Also the important element is zinc. Zinc is necessary for active enzyme of a man's hormone testosterona. testosteron it is necessary for potentiality increase. The organism of twenty summer men of average weight usually contains 2,2 g zinc and the basic part is concentrated in jaichkah. Potentiality increase. If zinc will be insufficiently the young man will not test sexual desires, cannot keep erektsiju and develop a seed, there will be no also a potentiality increase. In the course of time the organism partly loses ability to acquire the zinc containing in food. « Zinc insufficiency »can deliver to men serious problems, including an impotence, considerable reduction of quantity of sperm and a prostatitis (an inflammation predstatelnoj glands) - very widespread illness among older persons. Potentiality increase. If it in time not to reveal, the prostatitis can lead to a cancer prostaty. If zinc does not suffice the boy who yet has not reached age of a sexual maturity insufficient development of a penis and jaichek can appear result of it. Potentiality increase. It is established, that the zinc considerable quantity contains in a hypophysis (shishkovidnoj to gland) and in gippokampuse which are located in a brain, and also in a mesh cover of eyes. SHishkovidnaja gland has the most direct relation to libido (potentiality increase) while gippokampus supervises emotions. This opening has allowed to assume, that maintenance of normal level of zinc is necessary for healthy sexual activity as men, and women. The typical diet provides from 10 to 15 mg of zinc a day. However the organism is capable to acquire less thirds of this quantity. Therefore it is recommended to accept on 15 mg of zinc daily in the form of tablets. The richest source of zinc are oysters, and, maybe, thanks to it them poedateli are considered as mighty lovers. The oats, a rye, wheat, crude eggs, peas, lentil and a liver also contain a lot of zinc. It is recommended to supplement a daily diet with six-ten milligrammes gljukonata zinc, having divided them on three doses on twenty milligrammes and accepting after a breakfast and a dinner. Remember that if in your meal there is no zinc enough, you should change the diet. Products containing zinc in decreasing order: Fresh oysters, imbirnyj a root, a beefsteak, a mutton chop, dry lushchenyj peas, the beef liver, an egg yolk, grains of wheat, rye grain, an oats, a peanut, soya lecithin, almonds, walnuts, sardines, fresh green peas, shrimps, turnip, parsley, a potato, garlic, carrots, bread from integral grains of wheat, pork chop, corn, grape juice, an olive oil, a cauliflower, spinach, Chickens, grechiha, wood nuts, sea seaweed, hamsa, a tuna. Black pepper, a paprika, mustard, chabrets, cinnamon also are rich with zinc.
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Friday, November 2, 2007

potentiality Increase

2 way

In spite of the fact that there are various products which can increase and do potentiality increase, those from them which contain phosphorus head the list. Potentiality increase. Phosphorus is one of the most widespread mineral substances containing in a human body, it is the first mineral which has been recognised by directly influencing on libido (potentiality increase). Phosphorus enters connections with nitrogen, fat acids and glycerine, forming thus fosfolipid lecithin which promotes secretion of various hormones, including sexual. Potentiality increase. In decreasing order of quantity of phosphorus the basic products settle down as follows: Beer yeast, wheat bran, pumpkin sunflower seeds, vegetable marrow sunflower seeds, sunflower sunflower seeds, almonds, peanut, dried spotty beans, cheese "chedder", wheat, walnuts, millet, chickens, crude rice, eggs, garlic, the crabs, the pressed cottage cheese, beef, mutton, mushrooms, fresh green peas, sweet corn, raisin, whole milk, yoghurt, Brussels sprouts, dried prunes, a broccoli, a potato with a peel, parsley, spinach, a pumpkin, a green string bean, avocado, carrots, an onion, red cabbage, a celery. Potentiality increase online viagra.
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Potentiality increase.

1 way

First of all to result a food in norm. In food the maintenance of fats of 30 percent should be equal. Besides it is not less and no more. The matter is that man's hormones have lipids (fatty) basis.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Viagra: an impotence - the indication for Viagra!

Viagra: an impotence - the indication for Viagra!

Before company " Pfizer" has received the permission of the American committee on foodstuff and medicines to VIAGRA industrial production, this preparation has been comprehensively investigated in strictly controllable conditions of the best clinics. In researches which 4 years lasted, participated more than 4,5 thousand patients with infringements excitation. The age of patients fluctuated from 19 to 87 years, and they were inhabitants of regions rather removed from each other and even various continents.

But all these men had one general: everyone them them before to take part in research, not less than 5 years suffered infringements excitation - which it is usually considered to be an impotence. During clinical tests efficiency of VIAGRA only in treatment of infringements excitation was investigated. The preparation is admitted to sale for treatment of this specific frustration.

Really, both experts of company " Pfizer", and advisers of Committee for foodstuff and medicines recommend to accept VIAGRA only to those men who suffer infringements excitation, and more what fields other cases. Both company " Pfizer", and committee reasonably enough warn, that VIAGRA action on a "normal" man's organism is not investigated. That is why there is such possibility, that at the use of VIAGRA by men without sexual frustration unknown undesirable collateral action of a preparation will be shown - after all all-round clinical research of VIAGRA was spent exclusively on patients with infringements excitation.

However, time a medical product is approved and resolved to application by experts of the state committee, doctors can freely appoint this medicine to those patients and when will consider it necessary. For anybody not a secret, that the set of medicines with success is applied to treatment not those diseases for which they have been intended initially. That is why though it is not recommended to accept VIAGRA if at you not infringements excitation, it nevertheless is not illegal.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What is the Viagra?

Wish to learn that such a potentiality and an impotence or how to achieve increase of a potentiality by means of Viagra viagra and that such sildenafil for the man!?

Viagra (viagra, Sildenafil citrate) Feature of Viagra is that it restores ability of the man to excitation on an extent till 4 o'clock. Thus it is important to notice, that excitation arises only at sexual excitation. As to the mechanism of action of Viagra it consists in increase in quantity of the blood arriving in a sexual member that helps the man to cause natural excitation .

Medical product "Viagra" (VIAGRA) developed by firm Pfizer International Inc., is the first accepted through a mouth pharmaceutical tabletirovannym means which shows considerable and authentic efficiency at the overwhelming majority of patients with frustration erektsy. Operating substance of a preparation - tsitrat sildenafila.

The preparation is issued in the form of tablets on 25, 50 and 100 mg which contain, accordingly, on 25, 50 and 100 mg tsitrata sildenafila. Unlike other ways of treatment erektilnoj dysfunctions which provide carrying out of pricks in a sexual member or other medical procedures, "Viagra" is a simple, convenient and easily applied preparation. At use of "Viagra" you simply accept one tablet when plan sexual contact.
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Excitation, strengthening Excitation, problems Excitation

Infringement Excitation has many names, but the majority of them does not reflect a disease essence. Many men are not impotent men: they only have problems Excitation which are easy for liquidating. The word "impotence" means full impossibility erektsii. Terms a "periodic" or "secondary" impotence say that infringement Excitation has begun recently, until Excitation was quite satisfactory. The term "erektsionnaja dysfunction" makes impression that there are serious problems.

In the western countries at infringement erektsii many men go at once to the urologist. The doctor collects all information, concerning a hereditary diabetes; measures arterial pressure, a pulse rate and breath; marks a status of secondary sexual signs; the sexual member - on presence of diseases surveys genitals on presence of the hems which have resulted traumas or transferred surgical operations, and. Then palpates jaichki, estimating their form, the sizes and structure. The general analysis and the blood analysis on an empty stomach becomes, which excludes (or finds out) diabetes presence.

How to define excitation degree

Self-help methods provide masturbatsiju:

- Try to refrain whenever possible from erektsii within a week.

Is time try not to think of infringement erektsii.

- During time masturbatsii reach the moment, it is direct for which follows semjaizverzhenie. Stop and check up hardness of a sexual member, comparing with hardness which was earlier.

- Wait, while will pass erektsija, and again begin masturbatsiju. Again check up hardness of a sexual member. Whether it differs from that which was last?

- The result should calm you. Insignificant loss of hardness does not mean an impotence and can be restored.

Normal degree of hardness accept for 100 %. Erektsija, giving 70 %-s' degree of hardness, is sufficient for introduction of a sexual member in a vagina. For simplification of introduction of a penis use a cream or butter. After introduction in a vagina the sexual member usually becomes firmer. 70 %-s' erektsija is observed often at elderly men. If degree of hardness does not reach 50 %, the sexual member at introduction attempt in a vagina "breaks" also it it is practically impossible.

The test on erektsiju

It is the test, it is possible to spend, not resorting to masturbatsii. The test checks approach spontaneous night erektsy. It it is possible to spend houses, in the conditions of full intimacy. The help of the partner is not necessary. The test does not give an absolute guarantee, but can be the first step on a treatment way.

Buy a strip of stamps of such length that it could be wrapped up round a sexual member in a rest status. Before a dream wrap up a sexual member so that the strip densely to it adjoined. Strengthen it that it has not slipped during a dream. If at you organic infringement erektsii, spontaneous erektsija does not come: in the morning the strip will be on the place.

If infringement has the mental nature, during a dream will come erektsija. The sexual member filled with blood will stretch a strip, and it will burst.
This test does not define degree of hardness of a penis. It is possible to measure it by the special device which represents the ring consisting of three layers painted in different colour. Each layer bursts at certain pressing: minimum, average and maximum. The device can serve only for disposable use and does not estimate other important indicators erektsii. But nevertheless it should be accessible to everyone.
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Treatment of an impotence, means for impotence treatment.

Now effective treatment of any form of an impotence is spent. Despite a variety of the reasons of an impotence, exists three basic methods of treatment of an impotence - inektsionnaja therapy, use vakuumkonstriktivnyh devices, prosthetics of a sexual member.

Vakuumkonstriktivnye devices

Vakuumkonstriktivnye devices consist of the cylinder, in which the patient places the sexual member, densely pressing the device to lobku. In the device there is a pomp creating local negative pressure, and konstriktivnoe a ring. Local pressure leads to blood inflow in kavernoznye penis bodies, it bulks up, and arisen erektsija is kept by perezhatija a sexual member konstriktivnym by a ring. This method is effective at partial infringements when possibility of swelling of a penis is saved, or erektsii arise, but not the proof. Bolshy the effect is reached at complex treatment.

Patients are easily trained in correct use vakuumkonstriktivnyh devices. Vacuum-konstriktivnogo of the device the doctor should define frequency and intensity of use. Not dosed out application, especially on purpose to increase the sizes of a sexual member, can lead to frustration of blood circulation and deterioration of sexual function.


Prosthetics of a sexual member consists in giving to a penis of the rigidity necessary for sexual intercourse for what an artificial limb place inside kavernoznyh bodies, outwardly it is imperceptible. Do not confuse prosthetics with shinirovaniem a sexual member by means of external devices. Now this method does not practise.

There are some kinds falloprotezov. The most simple are the plastic artificial limbs consisting of the soft cylinder with a metal basis, providing «memory of the form». That in a quiet status the penis remains rigid to the touch concerns lacks of this artificial limb and can be allocated at carrying of fitting clothes.

Hydraulic artificial limbs are more perfect. They soft in the weakened status, and if necessary result a sexual member in a status erektsii. It is Enough to press some time a pomp which is located in the field of a head of a sexual member or in moshonke. In the weakened status a penis result by simple bending.

Falloprotezy result not only to erektsii a sexual member, but also in its increase in diameter. At the patient all sensations and ability to semjaizverzheniju are saved. Time erektsii completely depends on the man.

As a rule, it is impossible to notice any external changes of a penis and to reveal features of carrying out of sexual intercourse. By a high-grade life are returned hundred thousand the men using this method.
Operation on implantation falloproteza is simple, is spent from a small cut which becomes already imperceptible in a month after surgical intervention. Age restrictions for its carrying out are not present. Use of artificial limbs of last generation allows to solve practically for hundred percent an impotence problem.

Impotence izlechima

Irrespective of character of an impotence - physical or mental - for the man it always tragedy which brings to it sufferings. The impotence can leave traces on behaviour of the man. As a body and reason inseparably linked, the physical impotence calls mental stress, and on the contrary.

At some men at an impotence erektsija happens, but it is very short, arises, but for a short while. The difference can seem insignificant, but from the psychological point of view has basic value. The man considering with the impotent man, is in a nervous tension and trouble status. If he looks at this problem in another way and will decide, that it is simply difficult to it to keep erektsiju, to it mental balance can return.
The important factor is the age. In 40 years of the reason of an impotence on 80 % mental, and only 20 % - physical. By 80 years the picture varies: 80 % of a physical impotence and only 20 % - the mental reasons. All men should know, that irrespective of the reasons the impotence can be cured in 95 % of cases.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Capable to be corrected dysfunction (the EDITOR or feebleness (the person)) the sexual dysfunction characterised by inability to develop or support installation of the participant. There are various principal causes, such as cardiovascular leak and a diabetes, many of which from a medical recognition of the point of view of processing.

The reasons, capable to be corrected dysfunctions, can to be physiological or psychological. Physiologically, installation - the hydraulic mechanism based on an input of blood and to be kept in the participant, and, there are various ways with which it can interfere, what majority recognises processing. Psychological feebleness - where installation or penetration transfer refusal because of thoughts or feelings (the psychological reasons), instead of physical impossibility; it can be helped often. Especially in psychological feebleness there is very strong effect platsebo.

In capable to be corrected dysfunction adhered close as it to cultural concepts of potential possibility, success and bravery, there can be destructive psychological consequences, including feelings of a shame, loss or discrepancy; often unnecessary as in most cases the question can be helped. There is a strong culture of silence and inability to discuss a question. Actually approximately 1 in 10 men will check up returning of problems of feebleness during some moment in their lives.

Folk remedies were long protected, with some advertised widely with 1930. Introduction of the first farmakologicheski the approved means from feebleness, sildenafil (trade mark Viagra), in 1990 has caused a wave of the public attention advanced by partially heavy advertising.

Latin term impotentia coeundi describes simple inability to enter the participant in a vagina. It is mainly replaced now according to more exact terms. The research capable to be corrected dysfunctions within medicine, is covered by andrology, podpolem within urology.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The page favorable for the printer

As with all medicines, some people taking VIAGRA, can check up by-effects. They are usually moderate and do not proceed longer than some hours. The most general by-effects:

* the Headache
* the Face sheet sbreziveni on a disk
* the Diarrhea

Less general by-effects - time bluish system of a technical gleam or dim system of a technical gleam or to be sensitive to shine. In clinical researches:

* Patients seldom stopped to take online VIAGRA because of by-effects
* to Frequency of by-effects have shown to decrease during long time

Data gathering VIAGRA does not do you more dependent on it to receive or support installation.

If you have any questions on by-effects VIAGRA, are convinced, it has asked your doctor. He can inform, whether is right VIAGRA online for you.
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The important information of safety

VIAGRA to it order to process capable, to be corrected dysfunction (EDITOR).

If you accept any medicines, which have nitrates in them (as nitroglycerine for a chest pain) - every day or even once in while - you should not take VIAGRA.

Discuss the general state of health with your doctor to guarantee, that you are healthy enough to participate in sexual activity. If you feel a chest pain, a nausea, or any other discomfort during a floor, search for direct medical inquiry.

Though the installations continuing more from 4 hours, can seldom occur to all processings the EDITOR in this class of preparation, avoid long-term wounds, the important search of direct medical inquiry.

If you are seniors than age 65, or have a serious liver or nephritic problems, your doctor can start you in the lowest dose VIAGRA (on 25 mg). If you take interdiction schemes proteazy, such concerning HIV processing, your doctor can recommend a dose for 25 mg and can limit you to the maximum unique dose VIAGRA on 25 mg in with 48 sentries the period.

In rare copies of a class the men taking the schemes of interdiction PDE5 (oral capable to be corrected medicines of dysfunction, including VIAGRA), have informed on sudden reduction or loss of system of a technical gleam. It is not possible to define, whether these events are connected with these medicines or with other factors directly. If you check sudden reduction or loss of system of a technical gleam, stop to take schemes of interdiction PDE5, including VIAGRA and to name the doctor at once.

On sudden reduction or hearing of loss to which seldom inform in the people taking the schemes of interdiction PDE5, including VIAGRA. It is not possible to define, whether these events are connected with schemes of interdiction PDE5 or with other factors directly. If you check sudden reduction or loss hearing, stop to take VIAGRA and contact to the doctor at once.

If you have problems prostaty or a high blood pressure for which you accept the medicines named alpha mutual blocking, your doctor can start you on lower dose VIAGRA.

Do not forget to protect itself, and your partner from illnesses has passed the sexual.

The majority of general by-effects VIAGRA - a headache, a face sheet sbrasyvanie on a disk, and diarrhoeia. Less often, bluish system of a technical gleam, has washed off system of a technical gleam, or sensitivity which can shine, is short circuit to occur.

*Program only means pills which have not been covered by insurance.

Please see the full information of a command for VIAGRA (25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg) tablets.

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